Meet Sherry


I LOVE learning!

I’ve been an avid reader and seeker of knowledge since I graduated from college.  My career has taken me down many paths and provided me with a wealth of knowledge.  I have always had questions about life and why we believe the things we do.  Why do we believe without question the information shared on TV commercials and the news?  Lots of things make me go hmm.

For several years I helped small businesses market their companies on Facebook.  During this time, I used Facebook a lot!  I started realizing many of my friends are sick and a large number of them have cancer.  Why?  As I started asking questions it lead me to books, conferences, workshops etc., all centered around health and wellness.  Also, during this time my husband, Dale, and I opened a fitness center.  How we came to be fitness center owners is a long story!  The short version is, it fell in my lap!

In addition to getting certified as a personal trainer, I began immersing myself into learning about exercise and movement as we age.  I realized a big part of seeing results in the gym has to do with what goes into our mouth.  My friend, Dr. Michele Menzel, created a certification program based on her book The Transformation..48 Days to Living and Eating Naturally for Life.  I decided to go through her certification program and received certification as a Transformation Lifestyle Coach in 2016.  This training has provided the foundation for understanding why so many of my friends are sick.  Unfortunately, due to crazy schedules, the majority of what we eat and feed our families is not food.  We are on a diet of fast food and processed food thus our bodies are on chemical overload!  When we are not eating real whole food, our bodies cannot function as they were designed.  Also, we are not caring for our body or supporting it through our lifestyle.

My desire is to teach women how to feel good at every stage of life.  This can be done despite crazy schedules.  We can feel good, be healthy for the long-term and have lots of energy!  Let’s grow old together and enjoy all phases of life.  No one should be confined to a chair as they age.

In 2017, I completed training to become a Doctor of Naturopathy.  In 2018, I became a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor through the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board.  I believe our body was designed to heal itself. We just need the knowledge and courage to trust it during the process.  It all begins with feeding it real whole food so it can function as it was designed.

I look forward to supporting you during your journey to health and wellness for the long term!