What is a Dr. of Naturopathy?

As a Doctor of Naturopathy, my main role is to teach clients how to take care of their body. I look for the cause of symptoms. Symptoms appear when your body is needing you to make a change. Together, we determine the cause and make changes in your lifestyle.  Natural remedies such as homeopathy and herbs can be used to assist the body in healing. Gentle therapies that do no harm to your body are recommended when needed. Your body was designed to heal itself. However, it does need a basic foundation in place to be able to function properly. The basic foundation includes nutrition, hydration, exercise, and sleep. Emotions also play a role in your health. When conflict is present it needs to be resolved and the body needs to be supported throughout healing.

“Naturopathy is a philosophy, art, and science. It recognizes the body’s inherent process of healing and acts in no way to suppress, antagonize, or hinder these vital life forces. But rather it seeks to arouse, assist and cooperate with the body toward a restoration to normal.” – Robert J. Thiel, PhD, Naturopathy of the 21st Century