We are all going through an experience right now that is creating a lot of fear. It’s most important to stay out of fear. The emotion of fear is very stressful on the body. Do what works well for you to remain calm and trust the innate wisdom of your body. Here are a few ideas:

1. Pray & Meditate several times a day
2. Yoga- Check out Yoga by Adrienne on YouTube
4. Turn off the news
5. Refrain from using Facebook.

Notice how you feel before and after you watch the news and/or use Facebook. It is important to know what is going on. However, you want to control how much you are exposed to the fear and judgment being shared from these outlets.

Thake responsibility for your own health and care for your body. A great foundation for health includes:

1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water
2. Eat real food
3. Exercise
4. Get 7-8 hours of sleep
5. Enjoy the sunshine and spend time outdoors every day

Review your current beliefs. If your current beliefs cause you to feel fearful then it’s time to seek out more knowledge. We were not created to live in fear. Use your critical thinking skills to ask questions. Try to refrain from using questions that begin with “Why”. Instead, use “what” and “how” questions.

If you believe that you need to take something to stay well then incorporate some things that support your immune system. This is also needed if you have been living in fear for an extended period of time. I recommend bone broth and/or vitamin C for immune support. If you like to use essential oils Thieves or Onguard are great options as well. If you are struggling with fear or stress B vitamins are very helpful to the body when stress is high. Good fats are also full of vitamins and nutrients that support the health of your body. This would include real butter, raw milk, raw and artisan cheeses, avocados, coconut oil, olive oil etc. If it’s hard for you to eat these foods then I would add in a cod liver oil or coconut oil capsules. My favorite cod liver oil is made with butter by Green Pastures. Lastly, enjoy a fermented food or beverage every day. I have some of my favorite options listed here: http://www.peakperformancestillwater.com/services/supplements-food/

Take control of your thoughts. If you catch yourself thinking about the future or all of the things that may go wrong due to what is happening acknowledge the thoughts and choose something else to think about. This is where you get to practice distracting your mind. I remind myself of what is true at this very moment. At this moment I am well, I have a home, food in the frig, clothing, gas in my car, etc. You may need to play your favorite music, start a project, learn something new, read a book, etc. Choose what works for you to get your mind to focus on something else. You have 100% control of your happiness. No matter what they enforce on the outside they cannot control how you feel.

Love people where they are. Everyone is doing what they think they need to do to survive this experience. We are not all going to agree about what is going on and how best to respond. Judging and getting angry causes stress on your body. These emotions stress your body out not the other person. You can only control your response. Try your best to let those feelings go. This goes back to choosing what allows you to remain calm and distracting your mind. You want to have good feeling thoughts. This is also how come I am choosing to limit my time on social media. It triggers me to see judgment and fear. Notice how your body responds to things and make changes that benefit you.

You have faced challenges in the past and you have persevered. You can do this today too! If you need help working through your fear or learning how to better care for your body connect with me. I am calm, peaceful and loving my body through this.

All is well,