Fitness Classes & Personal Training

As a Doctor of Naturopathy, I have a holistic view of fitness. This means I want you to sweat but my goal is not to make you sore after each workout. I want you to learn to listen to your body, modify exercises when needed and be able to do the movements required in daily life. The purpose of the workouts at Peak are to help your body function as it was designed and to remain active as you age. You may participate in a small group class or schedule personal training sessions (up to 3 per week). Classes have a max of 10 students.

Current Class Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (women only)
9:10 a.m.- 4 spots available

This class focuses on strength training with some cardio.  The Friday class is dedicated to stretching or walking (depending on the weather). If you would like to schedule a personal training session or get a small group together for another class time contact me here.

We also have fitness events periodically that all members are invited to attend. Some of the events have no additional charge and some have a fee.


Fitness classes and personal training are included in the wellness program. View the details of all services provided in our wellness program here.