Local Buying Club

We have launched a local buying club. Currently, we are taking orders monthly for Supplements and Cattle Tracks organic beef. In addition, we are taking weekly orders for local produce grown without chemicals. The produce farm uses beneficial insects, compost, and essential oils to keep plants healthy and reduce pests that damage plants. They also pull weeds the old fashioned way- by hand. 🙂  Below are our guidelines. If you would like to receive the price list, order deadlines or have questions, contact Sherry here.

Local Buying Club Guidelines

The buying club is designed to help members obtain food, supplements, and household items at a discount. Special effort is dedicated to finding farmers in Oklahoma who are raising their animals outside. I prefer grass-fed beef and pasture raised chicken and pork. If the animals are fed grain the feed used is non-GMO and non-soy. I also look for farmers who are not using antibiotics or vaccinations. The supplements offered in the buying club are free of synthetic ingredients thus are made from real food, herbs or botanical ingredients.

Members are encouraged to order on a monthly basis as many companies require a minimum order. When you order monthly it helps us maintain the monthly requirement. We understand new members may need to try things out first before committing to a monthly order. If you determine the items are not a fit for you monthly, please discontinue being a member by notifying me. Initially, a $5 shipping charge will be added to your invoice to help cover shipping costs, if our group order does not meet the minimum required to receive free shipping. We may also decide to wait to order certain items until we have a large enough order to qualify for free shipping.

Order deadlines will be communicated via email. Once we have a good system in place order deadlines will be standard each month.

Pickup times will be communicated via email. Once we have a good system in place pickup days/times will be standard each month.

After the order deadline, you will receive an invoice via email. Payment should be made within 3 days.

When orders come in they will be checked for accuracy and damage. Refunds will only be processed on damaged items and incorrect items sent. An account credit may be requested as well as a refund.

Once an order is placed, you are considered a member of the Peak Performance Wellness Center Buying Club. As a member you are agreeing to the following guidelines:

  1. To keep the price list confidential. If you have a friend or family member who wants to participate in the buying club have them connect with me to obtain the price sheet and additional details.
  2. To pick-up your items during the designated time. If you are unable to pick up at the designated time, please have another member assist with your pick-up. At this time we do not have the ability to store items thus they must be picked up on the designated day/time. Items not picked up will be donated to a local food bank or shelter.
  3. To pay the invoice within 3 days of receiving it.
  4. To understand that prices may change without notice. I will do my best to communicate price changes in a timely fashion.
  5. To bring containers to put the items in that you purchased. You may need some bags as well as an ice chest depending on what you ordered.


Cattle Tracks Order Form

Weekly Produce Order Form

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