Sherry’s Favorite Products


Custom Probiotics


Cod Liver Oil – Liquid (cinnamon flavor)


Cod Liver Oil Capsules


Kitchen Gadgets

This ice cream maker is very easy to use and you can enjoy homemade ice cream in 30 minutes.

Save time with this vegetable chopper. It’s a must-have!


Gradually switch to glass containers.



Need help with your wardrobe? Learn how to build a capsule wardrobe from a personal stylist. With a capsule wardrobe, you maximize outfit ideas with minimum pieces. Enjoy looking great without breaking the bank! Having appropriate clothes to wear reduces stress! Check out the Capsule Basics Wardrobe Builder here. I love that the program comes with links for where to buy the items listed and it includes tall and petite options as well as a variety of price points.

Beauty Products

Looking for clean makeup and beauty products? Check out 100% Pure and Primally Pure.

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