Supplements & Food

Below are links to supplements and food that I recommend. I try to find items available at most health food stores. Always read the ingredients on your supplement bottle. Look for products made from food and ingredients that you can pronounce. If you don’t know what it is then it’s most likely made in a lab. That means your body will have to work harder to figure out what to do with it.

Bitters are a great alternative to antacids.

Urban Moonshine Bitters

The Stillwater Sprouts carries a Sprouts brand of Bitters as well.

B Vitamins available at our Stillwater Sprouts and online.

B Vitamins available online.

Vitamin C available at Stillwater Sprouts.

Vitamin C available online.

Calms Forte is homeopathy that works well for sleep. This is available at Stillwater Sprouts.

Cod Liver Oil from Green Pastures is carried in some health food stores and available online. I like the cinnamon tingle liquid or the capsules. Learn more about the importance of cod liver oil here.

There are several good sources for liver online.

Ancestral Supplements

Perfect Supplements

Vital Proteins

Rescue Remedy is a flower essence commonly used for stress and anxiety. It’s available at Stillwater Sprouts, online and at most health food stores.

If organ support is needed I recommend Ancestral Supplements.

Important Foods to Consume on a Regular Basis

Real Butter

Learn more about butter here. Purchasing raw butter from grass-fed cows is your best option. Pasteurized butter from grass-fed cows is also a good option and available at your local grocery store. Here are a couple of options that are typically easy to find.


Organic Valley

Fermented Foods provide probiotics and support your digestive system. A few of my favorite choices are listed below.

Saurkraut– you must purchase a fermented version. The brand via the link is available at Stillwater Sprouts. It’s located near the deli in the frigerated section. You can also make your own. Saurkraut should be a condiment. Enjoy one tablespoon with lunch or dinner and provide your body with additional nutrients!

Kombucha– my favorite flavor is gingerberry 🙂 This brand can be found at Stillwater Sprouts, Food Pyramid and Wal-mart.

Kimchi is also a great option! This brand is available at the Stillwater Sprouts.


Raw or Artisan Cheese is a nutrient dense food you can enjoy regularly as well.

Organic Valley

Organic Pastures